Close to our clients in America.
We develop products and solutions in Germany, USA, Finland, Russia and Asia that ensure the highest standards at the world level.
More than 30 years integrating and creating the latest technology for TV and Data.

End-to-end solutions

What is an end to end solution?

Our solutions cover engineering, equipment, installation and start up.

Covering 24/7 maintenance and technical service.

Optimize the return on their investment.


set top box

Be more competitive by providing OTT services.

Reach out with your brand through content shared by your customers.

monitoreo tms

Increase average revenue per customer.

Offer VOD, OTT, Catch Up services, etc.
Insert Advertising. Segment premium services with CAS. Personalize services by users.

Dispositivos ott

Reduce user losses and monitoring costs.

With our live monitoring tools you can reduce the costs of call centers, monitoring and maintenance personnel, detecting failures before the user.